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Mariam grew up in Houston, surrounded by family and world-class tacos. She became involved in interfaith issues and girls education in India. She was drawn to Georgetown University for espousing similar Jesuit values and spent her four years studying (“studying”) Econ and Psych. After graduation, she moved to New York to do brand marketing and UX design. Her love for social impact and entrepreneurship (and her lovely co-founders) brought her to Second Day. She handles the branding, marketing, product design/build, and oversees a team of copywriters.

Contact me at mariam@secondday.org


A proud Chicagoan, Brigit has always been fascinated by what drives groups of people towards social change. After studying Culture and Politics at Georgetown, she moved to Kigali to manage a road safety intervention. While there, she developed an interest in experience design that would later land her several freelancing gigs in NYC. From a blockchain for social good project to a commuter benefits app to a digital health lab and - finally - to city government, Brigit has spent the past few years exploring the messy world at the intersection of design, business, and impact. The craziness of her career path drew her to the idea of Second Day, where she now leads the outreach, analysis, and profiling of the jobs and companies in the social impact industry.

Contact me at brigit@secondday.org

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Phil is a St. Louis native who studied Political Economy and Arabic at Georgetown. After graduation, Phil moved to Boston to work as a consultant at the Bridgespan Group, where he has had the opportunity to work with nonprofits like the YMCA of the USA, funders like Blue Meridian Partners, and impact investors like the TPG RISE fund. Phil’s research on nonprofit talent gaps inspired him to take action by engaging his brilliant co-founders and ultimately creating Second Day. Phil also spent 5 months serving as Interim Chief of Staff for College Bound Dorchester, a nonprofit working to support gang-involved youth in Boston to and through college. At Second Day, Phil handles partnerships, evaluation, and business development.

Contact me at phil@secondday.org

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Amina Matin

Scouting Intern


Zehra Javed

Scouting Intern

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Ada Huang

Marketing Associate


Jordan Johnson

Marketing Manager


Nora Rosati

Marketing Manager


Kelly Schaus

Head of Human Resources


Conor Battin

Marketing Coordinator


Emily Sullivan

Scouting Intern


Jay Li

Lead Brand Designer


Jack Larkins

Marketing Coordinator


Sebastian Pinto

Outreach Associate


Shanta Murthy

Scouting Intern

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Alyssa Alfonso

Evidence and Curriculum Advisor


Crystal Li

Marketing Analytics Coordinator

This group of goons didn't do this alone. Special thanks to: 

  • Nick Coma for getting our brand off the ground 

  • Sarika Halarnakar for volunteering her coding skills

  • Kathy Li for bringing our Job Board to life

  • Aaron Cohn for taking it across the finishing line

  • Our network of advisors for offering fresh eyes and valuable guidance

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