putting the best minds to work on the problems that matter

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Too many people with exceptional passion and ability to make a change in this world are stuck in other jobs.

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You’ll likely spend 90,000 hours working at your day job over the course of your career. Do something you care about.

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Problems that matter

We connect you to great social impact organizations upending the status quo.

About Second Day

Second Day is an organization built to serve and educate the many young professionals who feel forced to decide between doing good for the world and doing well for themselves. Our goal is to guide top talent into social impact careers that inspire and excite them.

1. The job board we provide is regularly and personally curated to feature positions that not only serve a mission or cause, but allow for career development, fair salary, and meaningful work.

2. The resource guide includes interviews, articles, and other content that you can share with your mother to convince her that you aren’t crazy for skipping out on a corporate job.

3. Our contact page is so much more than that. It’s an invitation to start a conversation about how we can be doing more to help you unlock your career, and how you can join the movement.

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We believe that this motivated, diverse, and brilliant generation of young people can drive the meaningful and lasting social change that our world desperately needs.

If you agree, let’s get started!

We’re here to support you and be your guide while navigating this space.

Don’t hesitate to reach out.