** Summer Scouting Intern (Scout) **

Cause: Industry Development

Location: Remote

Role: Data Analytics, Research, Creative

About Second Day

Today, the best-educated, most diverse generation in American history has entered the workforce with a strong desire to do good. Yet, the status quo of professional success often funnels young people into jobs that do not excite them, challenge them, or inspire them. We believe that the barriers keeping the brightest minds of our society from working on the most pressing issues are artificial and surmountable and it is our mission to make that a reality.

At Second Day, our goal is to change the norm that young people feel forced to decide between doing good for the world or doing well for themselves. We want to provide access to social impact jobs that serve a mission or cause, but also allow for career development, salary, and meaningful work. Ultimately, our goal is to make far more of those jobs available so that solving the world’s most challenging social issues becomes the most prestigious, respected, and desired career path available.

About the Job

Summer Scout

To truly define the social impact space for our users, we need to show them what it is. Not what it can be. Not what they think it is. We need to show them the diverse, exciting, eclectic world of social impact careers that go beyond volunteering at a soup kitchen. We love soup kitchens! Don’t get us wrong, but we exist to show our users that there is SO MUCH MORE.

We are looking for a Scout to be our boots on the ground--scouring the corners of the internet for the best companies and jobs in the space. You’ll work with a portfolio manager to find and profile the most impactful jobs for the most important causes. It won’t be easy, our criteria is designed to challenge companies to be their best selves. You’ll be changing lives--finding the jobs that put folks on the path to shake the earth.  

Experience: 0

Salary: our love, affection, mentorship, and swag!